Re: Extra verbosity in Thunderbird

Ralf Kefferpuetz

There is no automatic update from 68 to 78 for thunderbird. That will be released in a few weeks. With other words there is currently no update process from 68 to 78 with keeping the 68 configuration.


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Subject: Re: [nvda] Extra verbosity in Thunderbird


Well, then the folks at Tbird have the most bizarre release channel I've ever dealt with.  I've been on release channel for years, with automatic updating, and if I go to the Help, About dialog (ALT+H,A), I watch the check being done and am told that Thunderbird is up to date.  I am on 68.12.0 32-bit.

That's one heck of a primary version jump, from 68 to 78, so I can't explain it if it's not the beta channel, unless we're talking 64-bit, which the folks at Tbird used to recommend you not use, I believe.  It gets confusing when you've had something on a given machine for a long period of time.

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