Explorer crashes and nvda

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I have noticed in Windows 7 and probably above that Explorer seems to just stop working. When this happens nvda is totally silent, one supposes due to there being no desktop or folders open. It does not even read the page about sending error reports it seems, just shuts up in mid word.
My first question is. Is this an nvda issue or just Windows being windows.
I have noted on various sites that Explorer can crash if multiple folders and software is all open at the same time, particularly if one of the Aero schemes are selected for the display.
However, it would be nice if somehow nvda could actually alert one to this sort of crash, which by pressing keys in a manic fashion I seemed to manage to get out of but quite how is a bit of a mystery.
I do have a very long log of this, but I'll only post it or a link to it if anyone is interested. I'm merely asking if the advice to use windows 7 basic scheme will fix it and whether its best to close folders which are open but no longer needed. I tend to set up all mchines to not open the folders in the same window as it makes it easier to cut and paste files that way.

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