Re: NVDA not able to install completely and gives error

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Hi Gen

Thanks for this information as I can use it now too when removing a program.


On 2020/09/03 11:28 pm, hurrikennyandopo ... wrote:
Hi Ahtesham

When you said you completely uninstalled nvda from your computer was that just from the area in the control pannel called program and features? where it was uninstalled.

If this is the case you might have to do the following when NVDA has been uninstalled from there.

Press the windows key + letter R then in the run dialogue box type the following %appdata% then press the enter key. You will be given a list of folders locate the one for NVDA and delete it. Then close that screen with the alt + f4 key.

Then go back and reinstall NVDA to your computer to be safe some times grab a fresh copy of nvda from NVACCESS then reinstall it to your computer.

Hopefully that fixes your problem.

You might need another screen reader to do this which I think you mentioned jaws but any one should do.

Gene nz

On 3/09/2020 10:07 pm, Mohd. Ahtesham Shaikh wrote:
Dear all,
Hope all are fine.
I am facing an issue with NVDA.
Suddenly NVDA stopped working and I tried installing it again.
After installation I am hearing jaws say NVDA is not responding and
there is a blank dialogue box appearing at the center of the screen.
I tried re-installing several times after completely uninstalling but
does not work.
Is there any solution to this problem.
I am using Windows 10 on 64 bit I3 laptop.



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