Re: nvda doesn't speak first few characters of information

enes sarıbaş

Hello Joseph,

What I think would be extremely useful, is if microsoft added a screen reader flag or something that automatically would disable all enhancements for audio cards. Often I have read on many laptops that the control panels for disabling these aren't usually accessible. NVDA then could have an option to disable them when the screen reader is enabled.

On 9/5/2020 11:28 AM, Joseph Lee wrote:


Specifically, this and some related fixes are going through testing phase at the moment.




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This is due to enhancements, and computer putting audio card to sleep. Stable NVDA will enclude a fix for this, but until then there are programs etc to download to stop this behavior.

On 8/30/2020 2:26 PM, UMIT ERDEM Yigitoglu wrote:

I use usbheadphone  not bluethoot but When you mentioned it, I relized that the problem disappears when I disconnect my headphone. I donwloaded the addon and it seems to work. 
thank you very much.  

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