Has anyone got a tool to scan to a Word doc?

Brian Crabtree <pandbcrabtree@...>

I scanned a letter into a JPG file and used the OCR add-on, which gave hopeless results.

I then added a section of the image to a Word doc and ran OCR from within Libre Office, with amazing results.

My Epson DX4400 all-in-one printer is old and has a hopeless scanning utility, which will output only to a JPG image, making the process laborious in the extreme.

Has anyone a good suggestion for replacing my Epson scan utility with a free alternative, which will allow output to go directly to a Word document? Or alternatively a better idea altogether, which does not involve spending lots of cash.

I am on Windows 10 but have only an old version of Word and use Libre Office for reading docs. Brian Crabtree

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