Re: nvda doesn't speak first few characters of information


On Sat, Sep 5, 2020 at 12:48 PM, enes sarıbaş wrote:
But Brian, the problem remains that these enhancements mess up audio output of NVDA, especially compression effects, due to eloquence being a formant synthesizer, probably what happens is it compresses some of the phonemes at the beginning and end of utterances.
Then if one is using said synthesizers the synth makers should, as part of their installation documentation, tell you specifically what should be turned off.  Or, better yet, have the capability of probing whether a given something is on and turning it off (or vice versa) that is applicable to its functioning.

What you propose is a solution that would create many, many other potential problems, rather than focusing the solution on the specific situation.  That never makes sense.  It's asking for the law of unintended consequences to come roaring in.

And if you're going to argue with me about this, don't.  Having been a programmer for many, many years I know about this sort of situation all too well and I won't be changing my mind.  I've always said "tool to task" and that applies as far as "specific solution to specific problem" rather than casting an overly broad net that is very likely to catch all kinds of proverbial fish that you'd rather avoid.

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