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Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

In Windows ten itself, with the icons showing and with the search bar displayed, you also see a show desktop button.  This is a toggle and if the icons are showing and you press this button, the desktop icons will disappear.  Not to worry though: just tab around until you see the button again and press it and the icons will magically <laugh> reappear.   You can also access this feature by moving to the desktop and deselecting any items and then using the context menu (right click) and choosing view and unchecking the item that says 'show desktop icons.'

I don't know what advantage this is for sighted people, but there must be some.

On 9/6/2020 12:03 AM, Arlene wrote:

Hi list: Tonight when I took a windows update, I had a real scare! I had no desktop icon.  When I hit windows X I snooped around in there and there I found desktop. I hit it and the Icon came back. If that happens to you you hit windows x arrow around until you find it.When you hear desktop, hit enter and you are there.  Hit start menue to make sure you have the icon and it will be there.  Then you will find your desktop icon.


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