Re: Thunderbird announcing 0 in the message list before subject line


This might or might not help, but a column may be being displayed in that folder that isn't in others. I am not aware of a column that would show 0 before all or most messages but while you are in that folder, you can try the following:
I am giving desktop commands. I don't use or know laptop commands:
Make sure you are in object navigation, NVDA key numpad one until you hear object navigation or no previous navigation modes.
Then use the command NVDA key numpad 4. You will be on a button that says show columns to display.
Actoivate it with the command nvda key numpad enter, which is the bottom long key at the right of the numpad.
A menu will open. You can down arrow through all sorts of items. You can experiment by unchecking one at a time, then closing the menu with escape and seeing what happens when you move through the message list.
You check or uncheck items by pressing enter on them. Unlike most menus in general, in this menu, checking or unchecking something doesn't cause the menu to close. You can go up or down it, checking or unchecking anything you like and you can check and then uncheck something if you change your mind by pressing enter on it again. For testing, I think you should uncheck one item at a time, then, if it doesn't solve the problem, open the menu again, check it again, then uncheck the next one down, etc.

You may want to wait for other information or suggestions since testing in this way might take some time and be somewhat tedious. If you have done any rearranging of the order of columns, don't press the restore column order. That sets columns back to their default order and you will have to rearrange them again.


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From: Daniel Wolak
Sent: Sunday, September 06, 2020 1:47 AM
Subject: [nvda] Thunderbird announcing 0 in the message list before subject line

Hi all,

I'm running Windows10 2004, build 19041.450 as well as NVDA 2020.2 and
Thunderbird 78.2.1.

In one of my inboxes, Thunderbird is announcing 0 in the message list
before each message subject is read.

This started happening all of a sudden recently, although I have no idea

This also doesn't happen in any other folders.

I'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas on what could be causing this?



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