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Ron and all

Your description of the show desktop button isn't my understanding of
the button. It doesn't match what the button does in Windows 7 nor
what I have read that it does in Windows 10.
I did a search for show desktop button Windows 10 and saw this
explanation. I'm not sure what site it came from, I can find out if
desired but anyone can do a search for what I searched for and check
this information, which I believe is accurate.
The Show Desktop button is a small rectangle in the far-right bottom
corner of the Windows desktop. It is much smaller than it was in
Windows 7, but clicking on the sliver at the end of the taskbar will
minimize all of the open Windows and provide immediate access to the
Windows desktop.

In other words, the show desktop button does what Windows key m does
for keyboard users, according to this information.


On 9/5/20, Arlene <> wrote:
Hi list: Tonight when I took a windows update, I had a real scare! I had no
desktop icon. When I hit windows X I snooped around in there and there I
found desktop. I hit it and the Icon came back. If that happens to you you
hit windows x arrow around until you find it.When you hear desktop, hit
enter and you are there. Hit start menue to make sure you have the icon and
it will be there. Then you will find your desktop icon.

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