Rui Fontes

What accessibility problems with FineReader menus?

I am using FineReader 14, and I have already installed FineReader 15 for costummers, and didn't notice any accessibility problems with the menus...

Rui Fontes

Às 08:29 de 06/09/2020, Shaun Everiss escreveu:

Well there are accessibility issues with the menus on abbyy.

Yeah textcloner pro uses the iris engine.

I only need ocr for the occasional bill or other typed document.

I have knfb reader for some other stuff, and for the rest if balabolka or codex can't read it then they are probably not worth my time.

I do hope that they do get this fixed.

I have not invested in omnipage as such but still.

Even though I emailed finereader support well abbyy support about this issue with menus and delays in nvda, it appears that they never fixed it.

It took ages till I even got an update and then I asked support about my access fixes only to be told they were not completed.

You'd think they would actually, 1.  give a higher priority to get those fixed and also update sooner.

In sort I really want a program that is reliable and has good support.

As for omnipage, its not even owned by nuance.

Aparently the best abbyy version is v12 but while yes I have my registration code I no longer have links that work for old abbyy 12.

On 6/09/2020 7:19 pm, Gene wrote:
Why are you disappointed?  Also, unless this has changed, Text Cloner didn't use as good OCR engines. It had two major selling points, one that it is a very simple program and very easy to use, and two, that it is inexpensive. In today's environment, I'm not sure either carachteristic matters much any more and if the program is still more simple, it may not be worth giving up the added accuracy of products like Fine Reader and Omnipage.  Those are questions those who use newer versions of these programs will have to discuss to get current information because things can change so much and so fast in programs.

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Well good I brought text cloner when I did then.

Its not been updated since 2011 but yeah, at least I have textcloner now.

I am quite disappointed with abbyyy and their latest finereader product.

I do use ocr and scanning but not as much as I usually did.

Interestingly when I checked you can still buy the product with paypal.

The company you buy from seems to be something completely different but I am happy I got the program.

I don't use something like this to continuously update anyway.

On 6/09/2020 3:30 am, Robert Logue wrote:

I was going to try Text Cloner Pro but the company seems to be closed.

Text Cloner Pro - Premier AT Home

Start downloading link takes me a log in page with no option to join.

Emailed support and they said they are permanently closed. Actually said"Sorry we are pertinently  closed  Does pertinently mean temporary due to Covid:?I attached their reply.

I'm on vacation so will try the support number I found in another message.

Text cloner support

I hope I can get it but I haven't even had a chance to try it. My experience with ABBY in the past wasn't so good.


On 2020-01-08 4:43 p.m., Kerryn Gunness via Groups.Io wrote:

i use abby

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Subject: [nvda] OCR

Good morning,

Has anyone compared OCR software lately?   I had someone ask about Omnipage 20.  I know a few people use Abbyy Finereader, but I wasn't sure how they compare or what other options are out there currently.

Kind regards


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