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Hello all,

I think the "0" value is for the SPAM. By default Thunderbird displays a column which indicates if a message is SPAM or not. I don't know how this is presented graphically, but for screen readers it is probably presented with a binary value ("0" when it is not SPAM and "1" if it is SPAM).

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На 6.9.2020 г. в 19:34, Gene написа:

The add-on makes changing the order of already displayed columns easier. But the add-on doesn't allow you to change the columns that are displayed, or not displayed.  From everything I've read in the add-on help, it allows you to change the order in which the columns are displayed but it doesn't have a feature that allows you to change what columns are displayed or not, just the order of display.

I'm not sure what is causing the current problem, but changing the order of display may work around it.  For example, if the column being displayed shows a 0 and appears as the first column, changing the order to last would move it out of the way.  That is another possible way to solve the problem.

It might be easier than the way I suggested.  If the problem is the first column, you can move it down to the last, at which time the add-on tells you you can't move it further.  and the order of the columns in the list is the order in which they appear on screen.

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If you're an NVDA user and a Thunderbird user who wants to deal with checking what columns are displayed and/or moving and/or removing same, installing the Mozilla Apps Enhancements Add-On and using its features to do so makes life much, much easier.  See specifically the NVDA+H command at the very end of the page along with the CTRL+NVDA+1-9 command right above that.

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