Re: Thunderbird announcing 0 in the message list before subject line


As far as I know, the way you get to the place to do that is not accessible.  I know no other way than to use object navigation to move to and activate a button that brings up an accessible menu.  The actual menu is fully accessible.  It may be that there is an accessible way to bring up the menu that those who use the program regularly know.  I found nothing in my looking around the program.


On 9/6/2020 11:43 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:

            Indeed it does not deal with changing the columns displayed because the function to do that is entirely accessible as it is.  The point is it makes it much easier to determine what the actual problematic column is without having to jump through all sorts of gyrations to do so.  Getting rid of it is a matter of bringing up the Thunderbird column selection dialog and unchecking it.  The add-on lets you do the necessary legwork to determine what needs to be moved/removed with far greater ease, which is my point.


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