Re: Checking file size in the "Properties" dialog using NVDA

hurrikennyandopo ...


Do you want it spoken out before hand? as you arrow to each item or go into the properties of those items? if you have tool tips not checked they will not be spoken out the check box is found under the object  presentation menu.

You might also have to change your view to details view so this happens in the windows menu.

If it is the second one to see the properties either use the shift key + f10 key or the applications key to bring up the context menu then arrow down to properties then press the enter key.

you can get to that information which is usually spoken out by using either screen review or object navigation.

For screen review you could use in this case I am using a desk top layout after you have opened the properties section then hit the nvda key + the number 7 on the numeric keypad this should change it to screen review.

Then you could use the number 9 on the numeric keypad to go down it one line at a time until you hear the info you want to hear..

Using the number 8 key on the numeric keypad does the line you are on while 7 does the previous line, 4 does the previous word, while 5 does the current word and 6 the next word. 1 is the previous character, 2 is current and 3 is next character. This can also be copied if need to.

With object navigation you would use the nvda key + number 1 key on the numeric key pad then use the NVDA key +

 key on the numeirc keypad to get to that same info. You might have to hit it a couple of times to get theere.  again it can be copied.


The 2 modes or there are 3 they can get you to parts of a screen that you might not be able to tab to.

Gene nz

On 7/09/2020 12:28 pm, Louise Pfau wrote:

Hi.  How do I check the file size listed in the "Properties" dialog with NVDA?  It was possible to navigate to it with JAWS using the "JAWS" or "invisible" cursors.  When I use the similar NVDA reading commands for reading in scan mode, the only thing that is read is the text of the control with system focus, which is usually the "read-only" checkbox that appears when the "Properties" dialog is first opened.



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