Re: Checking file size in the "Properties" dialog using NVDA

Sarah k Alawami

quicker way using laptop keystrokes.
1. Navigate to the file
2. Hit alt enter.
3. Use nvda shift left arrow to go back until you hear size on disk, then nvda shift arrow right once.
4. To repeat hit nvda shift o twice. A 3rd time will I believe copy the thing to the clip board, or maybe it's the forth press of nvda shift o.


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On 6 Sep 2020, at 17:45, Gene wrote:

I can tell you using commands for the desktop layout. I don't know the laptop layout. But you won't really learn how to use the NVDA navigation modes from this explanation. I haven't used tutorials that teach this so I'll let others discuss those.

To do what you want, open properties.
Go into screen review mode with the command numpad insert numpad 7. That is, hold numpad insert and press numpad 7 while doing so.

Repeat the command until you hear something like screen review mode, though once will probably be enough.
Execute the command shift numpad 7 to move to the top of the screen. Move down the screen with numpad 9. You are moving down the screen by line. You can move very quickly until you hear the information you want. If you want to hear it again, press numpad 8, read current line. If you pass something you want to hear, go back with numpad 7. So numpad 7 is go back a line, numpad 8 is read current line and numpad 9 is move down one line.
Shift numpad 7 moves you to the top of the screen. I'll let you realize what shift numpad 9 does.

After you have finished, be sure you use the command num;pad insert numpad 1 until you are back in object navigation mode. If you don't remember to move back there, you may not get accurate focus when you move around.

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Hi. How do I check the file size listed in the "Properties" dialog with NVDA? It was possible to navigate to it with JAWS using the "JAWS" or "invisible" cursors. When I use the similar NVDA reading commands for reading in scan mode, the only thing that is read is the text of the control with system focus, which is usually the "read-only" checkbox that appears when the "Properties" dialog is first opened.



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