Long-standing NVDA bug with visual studio still unresolved

Luke Robinett

A link to the GitHub issue for this problem can be found at the end of this message. It has been reported that there is a bug in NVDA such that when the user tries to arrow up or down through IntelliSense suggestions while working in the code editor of visual studio 2017 that it doesn’t just read the menu option but rather the whole line of code every time, making the feature almost unusable.
I can confirm that this same issue still exists in visual studio 2019. It’s frustrating and disappointing that this bug has not been fixed. This problem did not exist in visual studio 2015 so we know NVDA is capable of properly announcing IntelliSense menu options, and the jaws screen reader does not exhibit this behavior so we know it’s not a problem with Microsoft. I’m really hoping somebody at NVDA will finally address and resolve this long-standing bug. Several tech savvy users have tried but haven’t been successful in correcting it.

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