Re: In-Process for 7th September is out


Well its next to impossible to make the dectalk sing at least not with the latest stuff.

I am unsure where or if you can still get dectalk player 4.3, which was the last demo that did this.

There is a dectalk archive in bt sync which if you really want I can zip, and put up on dropbox if you send me a link.

That alone should have what you want, its also on resilio if you really want that and I can email that to you.

Again its not worth it.

It used to be the rage but the sapi one won't sing.

I am not sure about the dectalk usb, but since no systems have serial and even if they do, you will probably need a physical synth, point is you need windows 98, 95, or dos.

The nt based os just don't like serial anything and certainly not direct serial connections of any sort.

On 9/09/2020 8:27 am, Jesse Farquharson wrote:

Right. The singing is what I want it for. If I could figure out how to make Eloquence sing then I would. But in my previous attempts to do so, I haven't been able to.

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