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The controls are standard, a slider is a slider, an edit field is an edit field. You may find some way to do so, but I looked at the page of a playing video, I paused it to hear the screen-reader well but that doesn't matter, and I found no way to do so..

A Google search discloses a way to do this.
This has nothing to do with working with the interface, however. It is a way to add a time to the link to the video. You would have to check the time shown in the slider, copy the address from the address bar, add the time as described in the article, then save it using Notepad for future reference. You would paste it into the browser's address bar and go to the address, just as you would any address.

Regarding the numbers 1 through 9, they move through a video by percents of the file. If a file is short, the percent moved is much smaller than if the file is larger. 1 or 2 percent of a six hour file is a much larger time than 1 or 2 percent of a ten minute file.


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Hello gene.

Thanks. I had started discovering you could do this with number keys but the results weren't exactly as satisfactory as I would have hoped since the sections delineated seemed somewhat arbitrary. I will experiment a bit more. I really want to be able to enter a time value. Since the youtube player is some kind of web application I don't necessarily expect to see something "normal" like an edit field. I really thought at some point I had read that you could specify a time value to go to, but now I must concede that may not be the case at all.

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I doubt there is such a way. When you move through a file by time, you are using a slider and it has no provision for working as an edit field. I checked and I foumd no edit field on a page with a video playing.

Do you know how to use numbers 1 through 9 to jump through a file? On a file this long, the jumps will be very large but it may get you close enough to where you want to be often enough that it will help quite a bit if you know how. If not, the best way, if moving to the correct time is cumbersome, might be to download the file and use a player on your computer to set a time point for.

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Hello everyone. Using NVDA 2020.2, and, in this case, Chrome, my favourite
browser for a ccessing youtube as it is extremely responsive to the keyboard

Recently I’ve come to use youtube more than usual, and have finally taken a
good amount of time to figure out how the interface actually works, how to
navigate channels and the player, etc. I’ve come across some recordings that
are several hours long. A cool thing is that if I exit the site for whatever
reason and then come back to it, even well after the browser session is
closed, my place is usually “remembered” by youtube. However, I’d like to be
able to specify the time at which to start playing in presentations that are
sometimes 6+ hours long. I am pretty sure this can be done, but I’m having
trouble figuring out where the cursor should be positioned to enter in the
vlue. I have tried switching browse mode off and being in the position where
the current elapsed time fo the recording is shown, but this doesn’t seem to
do the trick. I believe I understand what the format should be

Any tips?


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