Re: In-Process for 7th September is out


why all this glorifying for dectalk? yes it was fine for symbian. but not on windows. the sound quality are crap

Den 8 september 2020 22:19:14 skrev "Shaun Everiss" <sm.everiss@...>:

Well I personally wouldn't bother.

The dectalk from enablerehab has a lot of volume issues.

If you want to use dectalk, buy code factory eloquence and well it will work.

That or buy a dectalk express for 600 us bucks for the usb version.

To be honest, the only reason, dectalk was actually ellivated about, old, expired and generally crappy was the archive of music and crazyness online.

Well no one writes for it anymore.

Its to old to bother with but well I guess if you want to you can.

Any version of eloquence will do.

If you are able to find a copy of window eyes there are folders to install dectalk for sapi4.

This will give you dectalk.

I don't think its worth it though.

On 9/09/2020 8:01 am, Jesse Farquharson wrote:

I desperately want to be able to use DecTalk again.

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