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Yes, I agree its totally crap now.
Thing was back in 1998 through 2014 or there abouts there was a team
of people, mostly radio hams and audio freaks, guys like patrick
perdue, jason smith, etc that sort of ellivated it over its station.
There is still an archive on resilio sync.
Its still about, no longer updated, however there is a 2gb content
library of software, music, text and the like.
So here is its downfall.
Hardware abstraction layer.
So for all the dumbies here and there are probably quite a few of you
about, basically in a nutshell after microsoft abandoned the old 9x
dos style windows os, they really got serious on direct connect
devices that accessed the hardware.
Now this is probably a good thing security wize windows has many
interupt or irq ports serial ports and the like.
No one really use physical serial anyway so it doesn't matter much.
But for a while there were serial [ports up through xp.
Now you certainly can buy usb serial ports, serial cards and yes
actually serial or paralel ports should you really want them but thats
becides the point.
Virtualised stuff seems to be how it all goes to.
Basically, to avoid conflicts and crashes, your hardware never talks
to windows directly.
Program talks to driver and driver talks to windows kernal library and
that talks to the kernal and its all seemless and such.
It used to be that stuff talked to eachother.
Thats fine in dos maybe, linux maybe and older windows, but well on
modern systems with so many extras more than 4 serial ports, usb ports
and physical and virtual connections it doesn't make that much sence.
So anyway, you try to communicate with something like a dectalk with
your windows xp and it tries to direct connect.
Windows hates you for life.
It actually in the case of xp will destroy your installation.
I tried several times in the past, 10 times to be honest.
10 times, windows locked.
10 times windows didn't reboot.
10 times I had to reformat and reinstall.
In contrast my old keynote stuff never had this issue so who knows the
inns and outs of it.
There is probably a technical junkpile explaining it, just to say in
simple terms in modern systems direct connection of anything similar
to connecting a system without a serge protector or your critical
devices without a ups or security without a firewall is a bad idea.
Thats basically why no one bothers with dectalk anymore.
Now there are usb versions but to be honest with the load of software
speech its just not echonomical.
The other thing is that its 8 bit.
Thats nice on your portable small speakered devices but after 4.3 of
the kernal even though after dectalk went to phonics, the 5x modern
dectalk never sounded right.
I have 16 bit eloquence where they try to convert and upsample it and
well it never sounded right.

Back then you had speakers with limited ranges, etc.
Dectalk was never designed for modern sound hardware plain and simple.
It was never meant to do more than speak.
Singing was a gimic, the only reason it took off was that a few
decided to do it and do it well, they even put it in sound projects.
Now you can emulate this with plugins like chipspeak and there is an
analog something which I forget.
Dectalk aint crap, but its reached the end of its lifecycle.
The best version right now is a coppy of the demo 4.3 software player
if you can get it.
manuals to write speech files in dec language should be about somewhere.
But yeah if someone wants to put that as its own faq or something feel
free to copy it.
It was one of the best synths of its time.
The closest you can get is vocalwriter or vocaloid for the mac or
flinger for festival and no I have never managed to get that all
Also you probably can't get it to work on its own without audio
editing software so well.
Now if anyone wants the archive bt sync key, email me off list and I'll give it.
its 2gb of files, but its not been updated in years.
Still, its got all the best, and worst creations in it.
Its the only record.
It to will die, because once all the users including myself pass I
don't think anyone will be reseeding it.

On 09/09/2020, Quentin Christensen <> wrote:

It would be worth passing that feedback on the pronunciation in OneCore
back to Microsoft. If you can articulate the specific issues, it is worth
contacting or

Kind regards


On Wed, Sep 9, 2020 at 11:17 AM CARLOS-ESTEBAN <> wrote:

Hi all.

I am can use the One Core voices. But in the Spanish Community the people
no use the voices One Core in Spanish, for example, the dictionary of the
voices in Spanish (Spain) need delete some words that is in the internal
dictionary of the voice, that affect the pronunciation of some words in
Spanish. In NVDA, is posible use the speech dictionaries for fixed this
problem, but Microsoft can delete this words or add an option for enable
disable the dictionary for users of other applications of text to speech
(in this case of Spanish).

I used Espeak all the time from 2012 to 2016, and I can follow use it. I
now also use IBM TTS. Is an add-on created by a developer of the Spanish
Community, a driver for IBM TTS or Eloquence. But the add-on on GitHub
have the driver, the user need copy the libraries or go to the options of
NVDA, IBM TTS and select the folder of the files. So, the driver is
legally, but when the user compiled and nvda-addon with the libraries
can consider that not is legally. So, Code Factory Eloquence and
is Good, but in the Spanish Comunity not have many users (Few people use
it). In the Spanish Community is also very user Vocalizer, but some
not bull license, use a version distribute in Somme places. But the web
the Spanish Community ( is a distributor of the Vocalizer NVDA
from Tiflotecnia and more people Buy now.

Many people in the Spanish Community says that Eloquence is the better
speech Synthesizer, because A lot of people don't get used to listening
Espeak NG and natural voices like One Core in navigation of Windows and
applications. Also, some people have problems with the frequencies of

One Core in Spanish is Good, but the internal dictionary need delete some
words and They don't have the intonation for questions, something that in
English United States voices, for example, yes have.


Carlos Esteban Martínez Macías.

Músico (pianista) y también ayuda a usuarios ciegos y con discapacidad
visual con el uso de lectores de pantalla y tecnología.

Experto certificado en el lector de pantalla NVDA.

Musician (pianist) and help to the blind people, with use of screen
readers and technology. Certified expert in the screen reader NVDA.

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why all this glorifying for dectalk? yes it was fine for symbian. but not
on windows. the sound quality are crap

Den 8 september 2020 22:19:14 skrev "Shaun Everiss" <

Well I personally wouldn't bother.

The dectalk from enablerehab has a lot of volume issues.

If you want to use dectalk, buy code factory eloquence and well it will

That or buy a dectalk express for 600 us bucks for the usb version.

To be honest, the only reason, dectalk was actually ellivated about, old,
expired and generally crappy was the archive of music and crazyness

Well no one writes for it anymore.

Its to old to bother with but well I guess if you want to you can.

Any version of eloquence will do.

If you are able to find a copy of window eyes there are folders to
dectalk for sapi4.

This will give you dectalk.

I don't think its worth it though.

On 9/09/2020 8:01 am, Jesse Farquharson wrote:

I desperately want to be able to use DecTalk again.

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