NVDA and an new facebook experience

Dejan Ristic

Hi to all of you,

Firstly, let me ask you:

How do you like the upcoming new facebook look?

I am just asking not to report any bugs, but to hear from you as far as NVDA and this new FB are concerned. On Google chrome, they work well for me. I no longer have problems in relation to NVDA's jumping up and down of its own accord when I work in the posts and/or comments area. To be as clear as possible, when I am in one of these, NVDA is quite calm. When I press the play button to play a video, it goes well for me.

Secondly, let me state that I'm very, very satisfied with NVDA while walking through the FB interface, although I have not explored all of the new FB features.

Finally, I think that you are happy when you've got a post whose contents does not refer to any bugs. If you ask me, I am, for I'm the one to have just sent you such a message.

Stay safe and be happy to hear that such messages are also welcome here.

Your sincere friend, and user, and follower,


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