Question: NVDA Silent When First Opening Word and When Initiating the Save Dialog

David Goldfield

The observation I'd like to ask about occurs on my desktop PC running
Windows 10 Anniversary Edition but I also notice similar behavior on a
Windows 7 laptop. The desktop has Office 2016 installed and the laptop
has Office 2013.

When I first open Word NVDA is often silent, rather than speaking the
title of the program which has gained focus. In other words, the
expected behavior is that, once Word opens and gains focus, NVDA would
verify this by speaking the title of the window, such as "document 1,
Microsoft Word." However, when opening Word after the system has booted
this does not happen. NVDA is silent and pressing insert+T just reads
"winword." At this point, if I move focus away from and then back to the
document window NVDA reads the title as expected. As an example, if I
press the alt key once to move to the ribbon and then a second time to
return to the document I will hear "Document 1, Microsoft Word."
Subsequent attempts to open Word usually cause NVDA to behave as
expected and the title of the document window is automatically spoken.

Along the same lines, I see similar behavior when attempting to save a
document by pressing ctrl+S. When I press this key, the "save" dialog
loads but NVDA is totally silent. If I press the alt key twice, NVDA
then confirms that I am in the dialog. Another NVDA user brought this up
during a recent computer users' group that I moderate and so I decided
to post these experiences to this group to see if others have observed
similar behavior. I'm wondering if an open ticket exists for this bug on

David Goldfield,
Assistive Technology Specialist

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