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Hi Bob

At what time did NVDA stop talking? Was it after it was installed and
you were using it for a while? or was it in the installing of it?

I am wondering if you put NVDA to sleep: If this is the case on my
desktop, it might be the same for a laptop is use the NVDA key + shift
key + the letter S.

If sleep mode is on you will not hear NVDA say anything until it is
woken up. Use the same shortcut to wake him up. You will hear sleep
mode on or sleep mode off.

It is simple to get it mixed up with the one for synth settings which is
the NVDA key + the CTRL key + the letter S except the synth settins part
will come up and tell you which synth package you have.

Actually it cold of been set to No synth maybe if this the the case use
the letter E to get you up to the E speak synth so he starts speaking again?

Maybe if you tried a demo of a synth package it has expired and will
need to be changed to one that speaks like e speak..


You might of put NVDA to no speech if this is the case use the NVDA key
+ the letter S to toggle

him from off to talk.

Gene nz

On 28/08/2016 12:03 AM, Robert Martin wrote:
Good Morning

I am a new subscriber to this group and a relatively in experienced NVDA user. I just bought a new laptop and installed NVDA succesffully but somewhere along the way I rather quickly
did something that appaarently silenced speech. Can anyone suggest what I may have done and how I can correct the problem?
My challenged is that it's a Windows 10 computer and I'm not yet familiar with the new commands. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.


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