Re: Over verbosity in the Winamp plugin

Sarah k Alawami

I actually didn't mind this. In fact because I had at the time a broken keyboard I would want to hear, next, pause, forward, etc. I use foobar now so don't care either way.


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On 10 Sep 2020, at 1:40, Gene wrote:

I could have written this as a direct comment to the authors of the plugin, but it may be better to get different opinions here so the authors may have a better sense of what people want, to the extent that the comments may or may not be representative.

I am asking that certain speech be taken out of the plugin or that it be off by default. Specifically, the announcement of play, stop, ;paused and unpaused. There are times when you don't need speech to tell you something. The action is immediately evident in what a program does and at times, the speech is intrusive and annoying. When listening to audio, self-evident announcements such as I mentioned above are, to me intrusive and annoying. I don't object to the rest of the speech. Hering on and off or centered is useful to confirm that a command has been carried out. It isn't nearly as obvious without speech, for example, if you turn repeat on, you wont know it is on until the file repeats.


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