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Quentin Christensen

Hi Mary,

NVDA certainly works with Track Changes in Word.  NVDA sees track changes as "Annotations" similar to comments, and you can navigate between them with A and SHIFT+A in Browse mode.  We have a couple of topics on Track Changes in the "Microsoft Word with NVDA" training module which your friend might be interested in.  If they used Window-Eyes not too long ago, they might also find the guide we have for switching from Window-Eyes to NVDA useful:  If they'd like to learn from scratch, we have the Basic Training for NVDA module, or for best value for that and the Office material, we have the NVDA Productivity Bundle which also includes telephone support.  All of those are in the shop: (no pressure to buy, just advising they are there - the switching from Window-Eyes to NVDA is completely free).

Leslie, it's a common misconception that NVDA doesn't have as many productivity features as Jaws, but looking at the Jaws keystrokes I can't see anything in there re track changes that NVDA can't do?

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Salaam Mary,

First and foremost, so nice to hear from you after a long while!
Having come from the JAWS side, I've never been a dedicated WinEyes user, so can't tell how WinEyes handled track changes. NVDA does support track changes although one can't get the track-oriented comprehensiveness JAWS provides.
I also recommend the "Microsoft Word text editor:   accessibility enhancement" add-on which really enhances NVDA's MS Word support especially with Word 2013/2016/2019. It might not be listed on NVDA's official add-ons page, but it's one of the best add-ons I've encountered -- it comes with excellent documentation, too. The download URL is


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