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Or the next or master snap branches, but even then some alerts to the need for admin rithts or elevated permissions fail to read unless you go around with alt tab a bit.
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Hi James

On which operating system is this on? and which way are you trying to do it. Is it just a normal install of NVDA?

You might be getting the UAC screen coming up if it is in windows 10 anniversary version. If this is the case usually the ALT key and the letter Y will do the trick. the UAC screen to be read out needs the NVDA 2016.3 RC version which can be found at
Do not go the next or master snapshot the RC version is the one you want..

Is it your own machine or is it one that is lent out as they might of setup a profile for you can can only be changed by the admin.

Gene nz

On 28/08/2016 9:42 AM, James Robinson wrote:
Hello List!

Each time I try to install NVDA, the process aborts by telling me that “NVDA Failed to install.” NVDA seems to be active and it talks but I cannot close it and have to reboot my system to get rid of it. Is there something I must do to my system before installing the program? Could someone give me the download link to the latest version of the program so I can be sure I am installing the correct program.


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