Re: nuance cerence neural tts for NVDA?


Yes, that is my opinion. I haven't followed older voices but I understand why those who like them and use them don't want to lose them.

As I think about it, one reason I expressed myself as I did is because the voices are claimed to be real improvements and I don't think they are significantly better.

Those who regularly use Nuance voices may differ because they are so much more familiar with the voices now widely used as opposed to these. I'll be curious how regular users react to the samples on the page.


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That might be your opinion, and that's perfectly fine. But I'm sure there are others who would welcome the additions. The thing is, most of the Nuance voices NVDA uses haven't been refreshed in quite some time. In fact, since NVDA 2019.3, we have not gained voices, we have lost the ability to use many of them, because they have not been ported to Python 3. Ie DecTalk, SoftVoice, RH Voice and so on and so on.

As crazy as it sounds, there are some, such as myself, who still want to use them. They may be old, but they do have a certain... charm.

The loss of those voices is really what kept me from updating for quite some time. And I'm still a bit sore about it. I wish a greater effort had been taken to bring some of the classics along.

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