Re: NVDA support in DOS emulators like DosBox?


Well old games obviously.

Lets face it though with agility, winfrotz, wintads and winglulxe you have 99.9% of the interactive fiction stuff working.

Which was why I worked hard with nick stocton to get the ifinterpreters addon compattible with nvda 2019.3 and up.

Right, so the reason you may want to use that sort of thing is to run old pc games, and things like gwbasic things and the like.

To be honest, think of dosbox as the windows subsystem of linux.

Obviously for the same reasons as you would have when running wsl you can't run kernal commands.

You can't replace io.sys, you can't modify autoexec and config files.

You can't run something like quemm or some management tools.

You can't run all those old norton programs, you can't run a lot of the extras you usually would.

But for me you can game, and run old programs, shells, maybe windows 3.1 if you really want, etc.

Now I havn't tried this thing, but if you can run windows 3.11 and run 16 bit apps like silent steel inside of it, then maybe I may try windows 3.11.

Dosbox is mainly for gamers that want to run old games, games that are programs etc.

If you just want to run interactive fiction then nstockton on github, get his entire nvda addons master, zip all the files in ifinterpriters folder, then rename it and install it and if you follow instructions it just works well enough.

To be honest even if you do run games in dosbox some stuff will still run to fast, and not everything will work as expected.

On 13/09/2020 9:32 am, Leslie wrote:

I sure understand retro things.  I like to listen to OTR. And that’s pretty retro.  I love old buildings, old cars and all sorts of older things, so good luck with Dos Box.  I hope it works great for you.


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Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA support in DOS emulators like DosBox?


Hi Leslie,


Fair question. Yup, it’s an ancient and completely outdated operating system. Retro computer stuff is a hobby / fascination of mine so I wanted to poke around and see what I could do in DOS. Maybe re-live my childhood a bit, haha. In other words, just for fun and no practical reason whatsoever.



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Why do you want to work with such an old environment?  When I first got a computer in 2000, Dos was very, very old, at least in computer programs.  I think I had Windows 5 when I started.  I know my teacher used to like Dos when he wanted to go deep into the computer to do certain things with programs and such.  Does Dos help you with that sort of thing?  This is just my curiosity flowing.


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Subject: [nvda] NVDA support in DOS emulators like DosBox?


Hi folks. I’d like to use DosBox, a piece of software that emulates an MS-DOS environment. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re probably younger than 30. Lol.) Anyhow, DosBox simulates the text-based DOS prompt but isn’t actually a text application. As far as NVDA is concerned, the DosBox window is all graphics.

Are there any strategies for making something like this accessible for us NVDA users? I’m a developer and recently started learning Python so I can author NVDA add-ons. Could an add-on be created that monitors the DosBox screen and translates it to NVDA-readable text, perhaps employing OCR or something? If so, would anyone want to partner on such a project?







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