Re: NVDA support in DOS emulators like DosBox?


Thats a point joseph, I wander what would happen if you did run dosbox or dosemu within linux, I know you can do dosemu via ssh in actual linux and it will work.

The only thing you would really need would be some emulator that either uses windows terminal or the windows console itself.

I have a few games that run in the console and look alike modern dos programs but are console apps.

I wander how hard that would be to do, run dos and 16 bit programs well emulate them but run all the output through windows console.

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The console itself must provide a way for NVDA to detect and announce text changes. Given the nature of emulators, this becoming real is highly unlikely.

As for WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux), a huge correction: you cannot run Orca on it (or if you can, it’ll require additional tweaking). The whole point of WSL is to make it possible for developers familiar with Linux tools to use a combination of Windows and Linux command-line tools and scripts for various tasks.




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Hi David. Thank you for the response. Unfortunately the command prompt in windows 10 doesn’t provide a complete DOS environment. The last version of windows to support true DOS mode was windows 95, if I’m not mistaken. Some retro gamers get really hardcore and actually put together old PCs with original hardware from the 80s or 90s and then install an older operating system like DOS. I don’t think I want to go quite that far LOL so I was hoping to run one of these emulators to give me the same experience. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find any that are screen reader compatible. Some guys apparently have luck installing old versions of jaws for DOS within these emulators. I actually hunted down an old version of jaws for DOS and tried installing it within the emulator but I couldn’t get it to work, mostly because I have no idea what’s going on so I’m just typing blindly. I tried to use NVDA’s OCR feature to get a sense of what was happening but I gave up. Maybe I will give it another go later 

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