Re: NVDA support in DOS emulators like DosBox?

Ron Canazzi

Hi Josh,

That Talking DOS Box package sounds great, but did you get it working at all? I got the software installed with the Com emulator for com 0 and I even got speech. But whenever I tried running the games, the system hung.

On 9/13/2020 3:14 PM, Josh Kennedy wrote:
the best screen reader to use with talking dosbox is ASAP, with NVDA set up as a braille n speak synthesizer, after you set up com0com. all directions are on the batsupport talking dosbox website. Microtalk's ASAP that comes with the talking dosbox win3.1 keynote will give you the best screen reader experience. Also in the talking dosbox win3.1 keynote file are all the dos Jim Kitchen's games and a lot of other games, and a demo of mega-dots braille translator, wordperfect 5.1, lotus1-2-3 for dos, and much more. and you also get windows 3.1 with a window-eyes demo, keysoft and keynote gold demo, and text assist which sounds exactly like the old decTalk tts. oh and speaking of decTalk, fonix INC never emails me back about using decTalk as an NVDA addon. so it seems like they just don't care. so this is just me, but personally I am going to use the python3 decTalk addon just for my own personal use sometimes. But I still really like the codeFactory eloquence and vocalizer addon, and the codeFactory sapi5 text to speech that I bought, eloquence and vocalizer. 

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