I'm looking for programs for virtual audio cable and microphone boosting


Hello all,

I'm looking for two somewhat related to each other programs for Windows 10.

One of them is a virtual audio cable program. I want to be able to record sound from specific programs only a game, a virtual machine in VMWare Player, etc., and not from the whole system as happens if I record via "Stereo Mix".

The other one is a program that will let me modify my microphone's volume level and audio quality. My headset's microphone has a good noise cancellation function, but its volume level is lower than I would like it to be (and in its properties in Windows there is no "Boost" setting to increase its volume level in decibels.

Both programs should be accessible to use with NVDA and preferably free as well.

Can someone recommend me such programs?

Thanks in advance!

Best wishes,
Kostadin Kolev

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