Re: SPL add on version?


Hello Roger:

I do not understand your posting. What is an SPL addon? Is it for JAWS, NVDA, or Office? Also, what is the LTS version? Using Three Letter Acronyms (TLAs) without expansion is difficult for those who are not cognizant of their meaning. Also, it helps readers if you specify what program an add on pertains to.

Regards, rick

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I'm using the stable version of the SPL add on. However, when I started this morning, I got a notice that a new version of the add on is available but it wanted to give me the LTS version instead of the stable version. I then went to the add on page to check there. When I chose to download the stable version, it again offered me the lts version instead. I tried downloading the lts version and got nothing. Does anyone know what's going on here?



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