Re: Urgent: NVDA going silent in outlook 2016

Ralf Kefferpuetz

Dragon installs an addin for Outlook, maybe that's the cause. Go in Outlook in your options, then to the tab addins and
disable the dragon addin. Restart Outlook and see if that helped.


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Subject: [nvda] Urgent: NVDA going silent in outlook 2016

Hi all,

I installed visual studio 2019 community addition and upgraded dragon professional to version 15.6.

Now, however, whenever I launch outlook, NVDA goes silent when I swap to outlook. This happens in any dialogue of that
program. I have tested with NVDA running without add-ons. Bo change.

I have tried narrator and it works without a program in outlook 2016.

I am not sure why installing dragon 15.6 and or visual studio would cause this problem nor am I certain if these actions
are the cause of the program.

How do I troubleshoot this?

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