Re: NVDA 2020.3 beta 1 is now available

Luke Davis

Louise Pfau wrote:

Hi.  If I download the beta, will it overwrite my existing copy of NVDA 2020.2?
If you download the beta: no. If you install the beta: yes.

You can download and run the installation file for the beta. At that point you will have three options: install, create portable, or continue running.

If you install, it will upgrade your installed copy to the beta.

If you create a portable, it will make a portable copy that you can run as an alternative to your installed version, and which is entirely self-contained and won't mess with your installed copy.

Lastly, you can "continue running", which will just keep running the copy of NVDA used in the installer, which is the beta. You won't be able to save settings or gestures in that one, but it will give you a one-time style test of the beta.

Your best bet is to create a portable and use that to play with and test the beta.


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