NVDA reading names of selected files in a file list

Janet Brandly

Hello Rui,

I just had a look at your addon and it doesn’t seem to be compatible with the latest stable version of NVDA. That’s unfortunate.



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Hello Quentin!


Ther is a add-on, develloped by me, that allows the reading of status bar in Windows 10 File explorer...

You can get it at:



The option that I think Janet wants does not exist in NVDA, meaning that NVDA have no way to read the name of selected files...


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Às 09:16 de 17/09/2020, Quentin Christensen escreveu:

Normally, as Gene noted, you should be able to use NVDA+end / NVDA+shift+end to read the status bar, however there is a bug preventing that from Working in File Explorer in Windows 10 - https://github.com/nvaccess/nvda/issues/6769


One thing you can do, is use NVDA's next and previous object commands (NVDA+numpad 4 / NVDA+shift+left arrow for previous, NVDA+numpad 6 / NVDA+shift+right arrow for next).  That will move object navigation through the items in the list.  One quirk is it won't announce "selected" for items which are selected, but will announce "not selected" for items which are not selected.  (It's not so much a bug as, 99% of the time people are moving through the list one item at a time and don't want to hear every item as selected).




On Thu, Sep 17, 2020 at 12:39 PM Aravind R <aravind.andhrabank@...> wrote:

use tab and shift+tab to ensure you are in list view for selecting files.

On 17/09/2020, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
> I don't know what Windows 10 does, Windows 7 displays a status line you  can
> read that tells you the number of files selected.
> As I recall, the NVDA command to read what is selected only applies to
> text.
> Gene
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> Hello all,
> I’m using the latest NVDA (not the beta) with windows 10 I’m trying to move
> some files from my downloads folder into my documents folder and using the
> shift + down-arrow keys to select them, but NVDA isn’t confirming that
> they’re
> selected when I use the “read selected text” command. Is there a better
> command to use to confirm that files are selected for moving, copying, ect?
> Thanks,
> Janet


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