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A bit tricky, as it’ll require asking the list control how many items are there and selection count based on state.

In case of Janet’s request, part of this has to do with not being able to read status bar information in File Explorer. It is possible to do this easily in more recent NVDA – all that needs to be done is locating the status bar control.

As for how VoiceOver can read names of selected items, one important thing to remember is that this is a completely different operating system.




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           I am not clear about what you're saying.  I know that VoiceOver announces the name of each selected item as it's added to the collection of things selected, but so do most screen readers.  But I have never seen VoiceOver have the ability, after you've created that collection of selected items, read the names in that collection "all at once" after selection is complete.

           The way I'm reading the initial request, and it would be under Windows, is that if Janet is selecting Janet.doc, Brandly.pdf, Group.txt, and Spreadsheet.xlsx, that afterward there should be a way to trigger what amounts to a "read all for selected items only," where the screen reader would say something like, "Selected, 4 files, Janet.doc, Brandly.pdf, Group.txt, Spreadsheet.xlsx."

            I have never worked with a screen reader that does this.  It will announce each as it's added to the selection collection, but there's no post-selection way to have the screen reader give you a file-by-file list of what's been collected.


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