Re: NVDA reading names of selected files in a file list

Lukasz Golonka

The command for JAWS and add-on for NVDA which I've mentioned in my
previous message both do exactly that.


On Thu, 17 Sep 2020 16:13:09 -0700
"Brian Vogel" <> wrote:


           I don't know of a single screen reader that won't report an item as selected or unselected if you are actually arrowing through a list.  But that's not what appears to be being asked for here.  Can you imagine a File Explorer window where you selected the 15th file and the 363rd file and had to manually traverse them listening to whether each is selected or not?

            If you can tell me a JAWS, or NVDA command, whether from the screen reader itself or from an script or add-on, that allows you to get the screen reader to say the number of items selected followed by reading their names I'd like to hear about it, as that's what's being asked for (or, if it isn't, then Janet needs to clarify).
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