Re: NVDA reading names of selected files in a file list

Janet Brandly

Hi Gene,
I'll give that a try. Hopefully this is something that can be looked into soon since I'm not the only one with this issue.
Thanks all,

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Meantime, here is how you can tell which files are selected using NVDA.
After you select the files, hold control and go backk to the first one you selected. You can go farther up if you want, just keep holding control.
Keep holding control and move down. Any files that are unselected will say unselected after the name is announced. Any files that are selected won't say anything after the name. They don't say selected. But since you hear unselected, you will know if you didn't select anything you intended to or selected things you didn't intend to. If you come across a file that is selected or unselected by mistake, while on the filename, press the space bar while continuing to hold control. The file state will be changed and you will hear the current state announced..

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From: David Griffith
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Dear Lucas

I have just tried this with Jaws and you are entirely correct.
I selected 6 non contiguous files, that is with control space to make sure that they were not adjacent to each other, and following your instructions of pressing Jaws plus shift plus down arrow Jaws did indeed read out a list of the files which had been selected, omitting all of the files which were not selected. I had no idea Jaws could do this even though I have used it for over 20 years so many thanks for educating me here.
I can see how this would be a useful feature in NVDA.

David G.
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I believe, though may be wrong about this since I haven't been using VoiceOver for a few years now that it is in deed possible to report what items are selected on a list after selection is done. On Windows JAWS can certainly report selected items on Windows Explorer list when pressing
JAWS+Shift_+Down arrow. For NVDA the same can be accomplished with an
called Columns Review in this case the command to report selected items is
NVDA+Shift+Up arrow. This add-on is available from the official add-ons
website in the section for add-onns under development.


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