Re: NVDA reading names of selected files in a file list

Chris Mullins

Hi Brian

You use the standard NVDA command for “read status bar”, NVDA+End





From: Brian Vogel
Sent: 18 September 2020 16:50
Subject: Re: [nvda] Reading names of selected files



        Now the question is, "How does one use the add-on?"

        I've got it installed, and I've gone to the NVDA Help Menu, Running Add-Ons Documentation, Add Status Bar Reading and the only thing that's displayed in the browser for help is, "Addon ZExplorer, Allows the correct obtaining of the status bar content."   It would be useful to have this documentation give the keystroke or keystrokes and change the title from "Addon ZExplorer" to "Add Status Bar Reading" so that it matches what shows up in the menu structure.


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