Re: Masked URLs in E-mail messages


On Fri, Sep 18, 2020 at 12:10 PM, Gene wrote:
Does Outlook have a status line?
Having just checked, the answer to that is, "Yes and no."   It certainly has what I'd call a status line to let you know that send-receive is going on, whether filters are applied, whether you're connected to your server and similar.   But when reading messages it's a mouse-over pop-up box that shows the naked URL.

I also have installed the latest NVDA beta and am not certain whether I'm having an issue or not.  I could have sworn when you're reading a message in Outlook that you could use the web browsing shortcuts like U and V to go to unvisited or visited links in a message, but that's not working for me at the moment (but I could be having the proverbial "brain fart" and doing something wrong, too).

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