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I just found out something useful if the address appears in the status line of the program you are using and it is in the place where NVDA sees it.  If you issue the read status line command three times, it copies it to the clipboard.  Suppose you want to send someone the underlying link to something in an e-mail.  You can place the link on the clipboard and copy it to a message you are writing that way.


On 9/18/2020 11:18 AM, Gene via wrote:

I just tried this in Thunderbird.  Moving the mouse to the link isn't necessary.  Just moving to the link when reading th
e message as HTML or as simple HTML, a safer way to read mail in Thunderbird, causes the status line to show the     underlying link.  I don't know where it might be shown in Windows Live Mail. If it is acdcessible to the screen-reader, it appears to be inconvenient to get to and I didn't see it when I looked using screen review or moving using object navigation.

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         What e-mail client are you using.  Generally, when one has focus on click-through text links the status bar at the bottom of the window frame will show the actual naked URL text.  The problem being that it will likely be impossible to maintain focus on both things at once, which is one of the conundrums associated with using a screen reader.

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