Re: Masked URLs in E-mail messages


And, to be perfectly honest, unless you do not trust the source of the message seeing naked URLs is of virtually zero benefit.  And if you do not trust the source of a message, even playing around in it and chancing accidentally activating a URL contained therein is not wise.

The messages I get from entities I routinely do business with all contain click-through links that use text describing what it is you're clicking through to, whether that's a reference page, product, etc.   I never even look at the URLs for those, because the source is trustworthy.

There is the very rare occasion I need to do this, but if push came to shove and I couldn't see it, I'd do what was suggested earlier with copying the link location and pasting it in Notepad or similar.  I just very very seldom have any reason to check links from sources I know to be trustworthy, and if I have even the slightest doubt regarding the source I won't touch the URLs in the e-mail anyway; it goes straight to trash.


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