Re: Thunderbird 78.2.2


The only way I can stop the time from being displayed in the headers is to not have the date displayed.  You may well have messages organized by date.  I doubt turning this off would work because you said the announcement is heard when you open a message and this affects the headers displayed before you open it.


On 9/18/2020 8:25 PM, Gene via wrote:

I don't know why you hear that.  I don't.  Once you open a message, wait a moment, then use the read to end command.  That should cause the message body to be read and interrupt or avoid unnecessary speech or unwanted repetition of one or more headers.

You may be able to stop the field that shows the time a message was sent or received, I'm not sure which, and that might stop the behavior.  I'll play around and see if I can turn it off.


On 9/18/2020 7:11 PM, Don H wrote:
Finding that the latest version of Thunderbird works well with NVDA. There is a new little bit of verbage when you open a message in thundervird 78.2.2.  It says property page followed by the time the message was sent.  For example before the message is read I hear Property Page 6:53 pm.  Is there a way to avoid this verbage?

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