Edge and/or NVDA crashes

Denis Sariyannis

Hi all,
when I work with edit fields or combo boxes in Edge NVDA or Edge often crashes. I'm not sure which of the programs causes the issue. NVDA is just silent when it happens.
Sometimes I can restart NVDA by pressing a shortcut I set up and then it works again. But it also can happen that NVDA does not restart. Then it usually helps to start and close Narrator (CTRL+WINDOWS+ENTER) and that seems to help NVDA to speak again.
Mostly I'm experiencing these crashes when I'm writing a mail on gmail.com or when I'm uploading tracks on Soundcloud.
While writing this message, I had to restart NVDA six times cause it stopped working.
I use Windows 10, latest stable version of Edge and NVDA 2020.2.
Does anyone know what the reason could be? It is not nice! :)

Denis Sariyannis
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