An inconvenience in Thunderbird


I've been using Thunderbird more over the last number of days and I realized that some of the dialogs aren't properly structured in the following regard:

When a button is announced, the shortcut letter should be spoken after the button.  In some dialogs, this isn't done.  For example, when you want to discard a message you are writing, a dialog asks you if you want to save or discard it.  The buttons don't speak the short cut letters.  At first, I thought that was because there aren't any.  But experimentation discloses that alt d discards the message.  I haven't tested for save but its probably alt s.

I tried to get NVDA, the program I've been evaluating with, to read the shortcut letter by using the command NVDA key tab when on the button but that didn't cause it to be read.  Evidently, the letters aren't underlined, which, it is my understanding, is the way screen-readers know to announce them in dialogs.

Those who have used the program for a longer time may have a sense of how many dialogs are deficient in this respect.  If the problem is rare, it may not be worth contacting the developers about.  If it is rather common, it would be.


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