Re: Navigating to a specific link when there are many on a webpage

Tony Malykh

With my BrowserNav add-on, you can set your link to be a "browser mark" - and then you can press letter J to jump to that mark. This would be essentially finding your link by its title, except you won't have to type the search term every time. If you do this often - it'll save you a lot of time.


On 9/17/2020 12:50 AM, Andy Jobben wrote:
Hi there NVDA users

I'm a WordPress user and i got a queation if there is a quicker way to help me work.

Let's say you have a website with many links. All those links are a navigation and have sub link aswell. Well the thing is that i need one of the links that are almost in the middle. I can tab till my finters breaks or use the element list NVDA plus F7, But i'm curious if there is a way that i can jump to that specific link/button by making a short key or with a addon.

Hope someone can help in this.

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