Re: An inconvenience in Thunderbird


I didn't bring it up because that specific thing matters to any extent.  I brought it up because, since I haven't used the program much, I wanted to see if it was a more general problem.  it appears to be very limited and probably doesn't matter to any extent if it is pursued.  But if it were a far more general characteristic of the dialogs in the program, it would matter. For example, if shortcut commands weren't announced in the spellchecker, that would really matter.  They are announced and are different from the Microsoft shortcut commands.  As I said, this appears not to be a problem in general based on what I've seen and the lack of response, so it appears nothing need be done.

I also brought it up because it is such a popular program among blind users and developers put work into making it accessible.


On 9/19/2020 7:26 PM, Hope Williamson wrote:
Honestly I don't think it's that much of an inconvenience. I ignore most
of those anyway, unless something is actually preventing me from doing
something. This is extremely rare. Say in 98% of cases. .

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