Re: How has NVDA benefitted you during the pandemic

Devin Prater

First, if I didn't have NVDA, I'd be spending my hard-earned money on JAWS, which, in these turbulent times, not everyone has money for. Second, its powerful addons, like Braille Extender and the Lion automatic OCR addon make life easier and more fun. Braille Extender brings all keyboard keys to braille, making me much more productive with braille, and much more able to learn Python through it. Also, the open source nature of these addons, and most being hosted on Github, allows me to communicate directly with the developers through issues. I got a problem fixed through Braille Extender with the Focus display through that openness. JAWS doesn't encourage that kind of collaboration. Lion allows me to play video games more easily, the ones that can be played better with OCR, by allowing me to sit back with my game controller, while Lion reads the screen. Of course, I have to turn it off when getting to action parts rather than pure menus, but I really like just being able to sit back and relax while playing a game.

Also, NVDA's easy settings screen is so much quicker than JAWS' tree view of endless levels of settings. It's so easy to press Alt + NVDA + D, then Alt + I, to get to indentation settings when I get ready to learn to code. It just takes a lot of stress out of using a computer, and really, that's what all programs, and operating systems, should do. When I sit down at the computer, I come for a particular purpose, or reason, or group of objectives. I don't want to fight with the computer, or be limited by inaccessibility of overdesign, but I do want the computer to actually help me out with stuff. And NVDA is easy, lite, and configurable to my needs. And if the base package doesn't have that, there are addons that probably do. And in this age of stress and fear, we need this kind of freeing technology that just gets out of your way and lets you work, but also has so many helpful settings, like playing a sound for indentation, and so many addons that add great functionality to it.
Devin Prater
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Hi everyone,

As this turbulent year continues, we want to hear your good news.  Please reply (or email info@...), and tell us, how has NVDA benefitted you during the pandemic?

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