Intermittent Task Bar Problem


I have had this problem for several years on multiple computer
systems, and I should have reported it before, but it's difficult to
describe the behavior I'm experiencing. As it requires a full system
reboot to fix, I can't ignore it any more and I'll attempt to describe
it now.

When using the arrow keys to cycle through the tabs on the task bar,
the navigation is typically fluid. In other words, I don't have to
listen to the full tab label before hitting a left or right arrow key
to read the next tab. Well, occasionally, with no rhyme or reason or
pattern which I can detect, NVDA will stop speech interupt when
navigating through the tabs, so every time I hit an arrow key, I hear
the _entire_ task bar's contents repeated back to me. Restarting NVDA
does not fix this, only a reboot of my entire system.

I am running Windows 10, and it just happened on my pc which is using
about 3.4 out of 32 available RAM. I hope I'm describing the behavior
of NVDA sufficiently, but if I'm not, I welcome questions. Rebooting
my machine every few days is pretty inconvenient, especially since
Windows Updates already make me do this at least once a week. I tried
searching for someone having brought this up in the past, but I failed
finding anything.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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