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Hi Quentin.  The main factor which influences  me to choose  NVDA is that it doesn't take as much computer resources as Jaws does. This enables me to use NVDA more for intensive computer work like Music production and Games development with the Reaper DAW and IDES like Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, and especially with Android Studio.  Thanks to the NVDA team for all your hard work and dedication in constantly improving NVDA, and all the benifit of the Blind community.  Cheers!

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I use NVDA for all my work. It is a great program and I prefer it to JAWS. I was with JAWS all the way sonce DOS days but NVDA seems so much lighter and adaptable.


Weel doen team!




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Hi everyone,


As this turbulent year continues, we want to hear your good news.  Please reply (or email info@...), and tell us, how has NVDA benefitted you during the pandemic?


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