Re: Intermittent Task Bar Problem

Tyler Spivey

I haven't seen this issue, but I don't use the task bar like that.
Alt+tab doesn't just switch between two windows.
Hold down alt, and press tab. It should say the window you're going to
switch to, which should be the most recent one you were in. If you don't
want that one, keep alt held down and press tab until you find the one
you want.
If you went too far, alt shift tab or just let it wrap around.

You can also press windows 1 through 0 to switch to that entry on the
task bar. If you don't want the first few slots taken up by the default
pinned apps like Edge, you can unpin them from the context menu. You can
also pin the apps you always want on the taskbar, so they'll show up
regardless if they're open or not.

On 9/21/2020 7:08 PM, Gary wrote:
Hi Gene,

I mean the task bar, not the system tray.  Yes, Alt+Tab works, but only
cycles between two windows.When I'm working, I have at least 8 programs
I switch between on the task bar.


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